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A Review of the Workshops Conducted in 2016

In the past few months, the intuitive healer and counselor Nirmala Sewani successfully hosted a series of unique group sessions to unite the local community in Gurgaon under a common spiritual cause which placed self-awareness, personal transformation and healing and at the forefront of the agenda. Group Counsellings and Meditation Sessions are a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. Under the guidance of a experienced Spiritual Therapist, the individuals present in the group will help themselves and one another. It offers participants an effective, efficient and economical option for healing relational and emotional issues. Each one of these three sessions had its own theme and subject of focus.

The first workshop centered around Meditation with Colour Therapy and was held on Sunday, August 7th at the luxurious Pllazio Hotel, Sector 29, Gurgaon. Colour therapy is a proven method used by the alternative health industry to treat physical ailments and balance emotional and psychological well-being. Colour is simply light that has been split into different wavelengths that vibrate at different speeds and frequencies. Each of these colours have unique effects on your emotions, health and physiology. Sunlight is a blend of 7 different colours- red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Each trigger a specific hormonal response in the human body, which consequently has associating emotional and psychological effects Guests gained an in-depth knowledge on an ancient healing technique that has been used by several world cultures, completely safe and non-invasive way to boost the natural healing processes and lead yourself to the harmony of mind, body and spirit. The workshop had been split into an intensive meditation session and a individual counsellings opportunity which lead attendees to walk away feeling empowered.

The Prosperity Enhancement Meditation & Counsellings session with the expert Yagna Acharya Shri Nirmala Sewani took place on 4th September, 11am onwards at the Optus Sarovar Premiere. This intensive group session explored the group’s psychological connection to lack, scarcity and fear and helped them break free of unconscious negative patterns and limiting thoughts The goal of this session was to invite abundance, wealth and prosperity into one’s general mindset and lifestyle. Participants enjoyed an insightful round of questions and answers with Shri Nirmala, after which everyone joined in for a guided meditation. Guests could also engage with Shri Nirmala for a Personal Consultation after the live training program.

The core focus of this session was to reprogram the heart and crown chakra. Shri Nirmala taught the audience that in order to attract an infinite flow of abundance, health, wealth and prosperity into your life , the Heart/Anahata Chakra and Crown/Agya Chakra must be first free of blockages, functioning in a clear and open condition. The 4th, Heart or Anahata is our energy center from which love, joy, happiness and compassion radiates from. It also allows where sorrow, lack, greed stems from.The workshop and consultation sessions helped participants to pinpoint their blockages in this particular energy center so that they could eventually be healed. Everyone felt a supportive environment to open themselves to communicate about their fears and self-understanding.. Shri Nirmala provided attendants of the workshop with spiritual tools to enhance their growth, such as meditation, visualization, breath work, acceptance, forgiveness, prayer, astrology, stones, aura cleansing and chakra balancing.

Her most recent event was conducted over the weekend of 15th October 2016 in Jaipur. The night was special as it marked the arrival of “Sharad Purnima,” an auspicious harvest festival signalling the end of the Monsoon season in India. It is believed that the radiance of the moon on this night has an especially tranquilizing and illuminating effect on the mind. Shri Nirmala hosted a Collective Meditation that celebrated this lunar occasion by bringing together nearly 200 individuals and uniting them with the spirit of mantras that have the power to harmonise the chakras. The soothing effects of the mass meditation were unmistakeable as the participating faces glowed with peace and tranquility under the gentle guidance of the spiritual counselor and the light of the moon.

These workshops are only the beginning of the series Shri Nirmala wishes the conduct over the coming months. She feels great joy in bringing spiritual community together in a world where this aspect of togetherness is needed the most. Stay connected to this page in order to tune into the exciting life-changing events that are to unfold in the following months and feel free to contact Shri Nirmala personally to create a direct connection with her as your heart wishes.

Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra What You Must Avoid in kitchen:

  1. Kitchen should not be under or above the pooja room.
  2. A kitchen should not be directly under or above the toilets.
  3. Avoid having a kitchen directly under or above the bedroom.
  4. Do not place cooking gas burner/stove directly in front kitchen’s entrance door.
  5. A kitchen in North-East may causes mental tension among family members.
  6. Kitchen in South-West may leads to clashes among family members.
  7. A kitchen in North-West direction is acceptable but it may leads to increase in monetary expenditures in the house
  8. Most risky position of the kitchen is the one placed in North direction; as North is Lord Kubera’s (the God of Wealth) direction, having a kitchen in North will increase the expenditure of family beyond expectations and control.
  9. Never face west while cooking as this leads to severe health problems to the cook(the one who is cooking for the family).
  10. If while cooking the cook faces south direction then the family has to face monetary losses/expenditures.
  11. Avoid using black color for kitchen walls and floorings etc tiles or marble.
  12. Avoid keeping a refrigerator in North-East direction.


What You Must Do:

  1. Position of the kitchen should be in center point to southeast direction
  2. Water utensils should be in North Direction
  3. Gas stove should be in the southeast direction
  4. Electronic items such as microwave, toaster, mixer should be in west direction
  5. If the gas stove cannot be placed in southeast direction and is placed in north or west then there should be a long/full-length mirror of the same height as of cook(person who is preparing food in your house), to compensate the side effects.
  6. Windows should be in the north east direction so that there should be cross ventilation
  7. Smoke should move out of the kitchen from the south west direction.
  8. To avoid ill health of the person cooking food one should follow the following things
    1. Never take footwears inside the kitchen, if taking wear clean footwear.
    2. Never prepare food in bad moods, as if affects the health of a person who is having that food and spread negativity in a person’s mind
  9. If Sinks are not in the right direction then you can put plants on the entrance of kitchen like : curry leaves, Neem or bonsai.
  10. You can place Tulsi Plant in kitchen for good health, wealth and prosperity
  11. The slope of the following water inside the kitchen should be in west direction
  12. To increase productivity inside the kitchen one should plant following plants inside the kitchen
    1. Monesary
    2. Amla
    3. Gudhal
  13. If you are your food item for the long run then you should store them in east direction
  14. Clean kitchen, kitchen platform, and utensils daily at night before sleeping.

Just follow all above mentioned best vastu Vigyan tips for kitchen and you can – and definitely will – feel a big and positive change in your life and atmosphere in your house or you can consult best Vastu Vigyan Specialist Ms Nirmala Sewani for more vastu Vigyan tips.

For any query, Book your appointment now: BOOK NOW

Energy in Vastu

Feng Shui talks about two types of energies – positive and negative. However, our Vedic Vastu Shastra talks about three types of energies, they are:-

·        ‘Satvik’: The extreme positive form of energy, which is present due to excessive prayers, worship, and saadhna.
·        ‘Tamasik’: The extreme negative form of energy which is related to the punish and reward system and gives you the strength to protect yourself and is not just consumption of liquor, gambling, fights, etc.
·        ‘Rajasik’:  The balanced combination of Satvik and Tamasik which is extremely necessary for making a good living.

Nirmala Sewani is a Vastu Vigyan Specialist, Collective meditation expert, Tarot Card Reader and face, Posture Reading and a Top Astrologer in Gurgaon, NCR, and Jaipur. If you need any of the services or for any inquiry than Contact us today: + 91 9313007138

A place should have a balance of all these forms of energies. A family cannot survive only on Satvagun with all the family members only praying and performing puja-paath and nothing else. Similarly, a family where everyone is involved in drinking, gambling and fighting will not be able to make its living, though they are strong enough to protect themselves from external attacks like theft and physical assault. Rajagun is required to earn the ‘Shree’, i.e. the materials required to have a good living.

The energies are balanced from the center of the house, called the ‘Brahm Sthaan’ which should always be lit to ensure enlightenment.

A joint family is a perfect example of balanced energy where the elders of the family devote their maximum time in prayers and meditation, while the younger ones have the prime responsibility to work and earn a decent living.

In today’s nuclear families, this balance is disturbed, since the Satvagun part of the energy is generally missing and the Tamagun is present predominantly. To improve the Satvagun, a place of worship is required that balances the energies.

If a house has a lot of Satvagun, then there might be husband-wife conflicts, which may be streamlined by using a crystal to provide the Rajagun. Apart from this, green plants, kitchen, and the living room depict the Rajagun, while a basement depicts the Tamagun. For children to study, Satvagun is needed, but to make their careers, Rajagun is required.

The four Ashrams were based on the three forms of energy:
1.      Brahmacharya: Satvagun
2.      Grihastha          : Rajagun + Tamagun
3.      Vanaprastha    : Satvagun + Tamagun
4.      Sanyasa              : Satvagun

Even the Varna System of our society was in line with these forms of energy:
1.      Brahmin  :  Satvagun
2.      Kshatriya: Tamagun with Rajagun qualities also
3.      Vaishya  : Rajagun with Tamagun qualities also
4.      Shudra    : Tamagun

Drawing Positivity through Decluttering

You don’t have to believe in luck, but what if you really can do a few things to draw more positive energy into your home.

With the ongoing Swacch Bharat Abhiyan initiated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, it becomes essential for us to start with cleaning our houses. Decluttering helps to remove blockages from our life that stop the flow of energy to us and everything we enjoy. Physical clutter can actually bring mental and emotional clutter. It is not just the everyday garbage that we throw but holding onto things that are no more used or are defective or are rarely used should be done away with. They not just take space but also obstruct the energy flow.

Defective electronic gadgets or clothes that do not fit us anymore should be discarded or given to someone who can make use of them. Throw, recycle, donate or sell what is not required anymore. Women are commonly fond of collecting cosmetics. Most of the time many cosmetic items like perfumes expire. We should avoid unnecessarily accumulating things because as it is expired stuff cannot be used so buy things as and when required. We should not keep things out of gulit or obligation. We keep accumulating things that we do not use because they are gigted by our loved ones. Don’t be afraid to let go.

The home décor that we do for our houses define our personality. A small house or small rooms decorated with artificial flowers, which might accumulate dust or may make the room look overcrowded, should be avoided. Be a minimalist, keeping minimum possible decorative pieces that do not obstruct our way and also be soothing to our eyes.

Even paintings can have a positive or negative effect on the vaastu of a place. A south facing house, getting lot of sunshine can get a cooling effect by placing a painting with greenery or water bodies. Even having a fish aquarium gives the same cooling effect. The paintings may not be with bulky frames but can also be in the form of wall posters in case the rooms are small.

A broken glass should be removed immediately from the house not because of ill luck but because it may hurt someone. Similarly, cobwebs give a creepy and unkept look to the house, hence they should be removed immediately. They also are indicative to the complexities in life.

At times there are idols of Gods and Goddesses that get broken in the house. Immersing these broken idols in water bodies or putting them under Peepal or other trees is the worst possible way of doing awy with them. This way we are polluting our water bodies and accumulating garbage not just for ourselves but also for our country. Even keeping these broken idols in the temple premises does not make sense as the idols there are meant for worship and we do not worship a broken idol, so it is best to destroy them completely so that they can be recycled. We should look at the practical and scientific aspects of things rather than just hanging on to old beliefs.

Immersion of idols was also performed in places where there was flowing water, like Ganpati Visarjan was done in Maharastra, Durga visarjan in Calcutta, these idols get completely dissolved with flowing water in the sea or the rivers.  If we blindly follow these traditions in places like rajasthan, where there is already a scarcity of water, then it will certainly be problematic. Rajasthan has its own tradition of festivals like haryali teez, and gangaur etc which we should follow with great fervor.

In short , along with keeping our beliefs intact, we should keep things that we can maintain easily and makes our house peaceful, fresh and positive.

When to get married?

We are always curious to know about our marriage, when, where and to whom? Our Astrology plays a very important role in our life and moreover when its about your life partner than everyone should consult the astrologer for it as this is going to decide your life. With the help of astrology we can get hints/idea/guidelines about when will we get married, Marriage distance and direction? We will discuss here how to know about Direction of Spouse in astrology.

According to Hindu astrology planet positions totally affect the marriage. According to Vedic and Indian astrology “men are from mars and woman’s are from Venus”. For any kind of information regarding Marriage and spouse we have to check 7th house, Planets posited in 7th house and the significator of Marriage Venus. Determine the strongest among the 7th lord, Planets placed in 7th house and Venus. The direction indicated by the strongest planet can be the direction of Spouse in astrology. Check the Sign which is rising in 7th house and the direction indicated by this Sign.

When people approach us for Marriage Consultation Nirmala Sewani use her best knowledge and technique to come to an conclusion about the Direction of Spouse. It takes only few minutes by her to Analyze Marriage only.


Nirmala Sewani is one of the top astrologer and meditation expert in Gurgaon, NCR widely known for her strong intuitive skills and her expertise in 67 different kinds of Yagnas or Havans. She can quickly predict an upcoming situation in anyone’s life through voice decoding backed with expert knowledge in palmistry. Recently in 10th August she organized a meditation session for the Miss Rajasthan 2018 contestants to bless them while in previous year too we remember, she graced the occasion of Mrs. India NCR 2017 by lamp lighting. She has been voted among the 100 distinguished personalities of Rajasthan at the Coffee table Book launch in Hilton hotel of Jaipur. She has been featured in the book with 99 talented personalities for their social contribution to Rajasthan state and India. She is Collective Meditation Expert and has also conducted a collective meditation session along with live discussion and interaction at the Gyanam Event on 8th and 9th of September 2018, which was held at Hotel Casa Bela in Jaipur. It was a two days live event attained by many famous astrologers and Vaastu experts. Another recent meditation session by Nirmala Sewani was on 13th September at Hotel Hayat in Gurugram. The event was organized by Arya Group of Colleges and managed by Yogesh Mishra and Nimisha Mishra. The September month till now has been highly motivating for the Japurites and Gurugram people through the live interactive sessions with Nirmala Sewani while we are hoping for more such events in the upcoming months.

A justly Placed Entrance Door includes a Lasting Impression

Vastu Shastra believes that the most door isn’t only for humans to enter however it’s additionally the hospitable gate for deities and quality within the house.

Vastu for entrance

An entrance or the most gate includes an important role within the Vastu of a house. this is often the place from wherever the cosmic energy reaches every corner of the house. If per the date of birth and a number of Vastu algorithms, the direction of the most gate suits you then there would be tons of positive energy coming into the house and therefore the members of the family would prosper. However, if it’s a negative impact then there would be a free flow of negativity, there’ll be a heap of troubles, and members wouldn’t prosper.

A North West direction entrance could suit you and persuade be useful underneath bound circumstances. One simply must follow bound pointers and rules of Vastu. there’ll be a Vastu defect just in case your direction isn’t northwest which can cause tensions and clashes with neighbors or there is also charge. it should usher in a lot of enemies than a lot of friends to you.

We all want to avoid such circumstances! Isn’t it! in this case, you will visit a Saral Vastu authority, the World Health Organization would offer you with remedies to cure the Vastu dosh while not breaking or reconstructing the doorway door.

North West entrance flat Vastu

Like the house, even flats got to maintain the Vastu. there’s an enormous demand for high-rise flats currently. As flats are predesigned and not a lot of modification may be exhausted its structure and set up, therefore they’re not thought of like a really sensible choice for Vastu believers.

However, Saral Vastu has useful tips and solutions for flats which will be opted for positive vibrations. there’s no got to choose reconstruction, as Saral Vastu can offer you a few straightforward and simple solutions.

For instance:  A house bought by a father was created per his date of birth as he was the earner of the house. The family had all the happiness growth and prosperity. Then the daddy retired and therefore the son became the earner of the house however all they might earn were loses. Neither their business nor the family had any growth. the sole reason behind it had been that the house and directions were well matched per the father’s date of birth however didn’t match with the son and proven non-beneficial for him.

If you relate to any such points that are mentioned higher than and if you’re feeling, you’ve got northwest Vastu, dosh contact Saral Vastu consultants for the most effective and fast results. they’ll reach you at the earliest.

You Can Call Vastu Vigyan Specialist Nirmala Sewani for any Enquiry related to Vastu Dosh. Just call us at +91 981 044 2788

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Online meditation | Corporate meditation session


People living busy, time-starved lives ar in an exceedingly incomprehensible state of affairs – learning and often active meditation and different Nirmala Sewani meditation technique (such as relaxation, imagination, and contemplation) would very facilitate them to relax, de-stress, and enhance their quality of life. however, wherever is that the time to find out so apply it within the initial place.

To address this terribly trendy contradiction, we’ve got created Nirmala Sewani wholly on-line program in order that it’s simply accessible.

Meditation for beginners to advanced

Nirmala Sewani provides a corporate meditation session and one in every of the foremost comprehensive and well structured online programs for beginners. It gives:

  • A sensible theoretical grounding on the character of the mind and meditation and therefore the different core Nirmala Sewani meditation techniques together with their origins, history, trendy relevancy, and supporting analysis base
  • Unique, extremely effective target-hunting on-line meditation and mind-training exercises
  • Ongoing encouragement and inspiration to stay a daily routine that ultimately brings you long rewards

For experienced or advanced meditation practitioners, Nirmala Sewani is equally, if less helpful. It has:

  • Exercises that job best as target-hunting e.g. “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” for deeply quiet the body, “Journey of Transformation” and “White light-weight Imagery” that are each geared toward helping in healing of the body, and a chic “Contemplation on Gratitude” that may be practiced daily at the top of the Corporate meditation session
  • A distinctive on-line feature for making made-to-order session exploitation any combination of accessible Nirmala Sewani exercises in any sequence together with any amounts of silent times – ideal for those leading cluster meditation sessions
  • Interesting, partaking and provoking Nirmala Sewani stories, case studies, and theory delivered through daily emails and via the diary to assist carry on the inspiration and dedication to regular meditation apply. The case studies show sensible ways that of applying meditation and Nirmala Sewani techniques to rework otherwise negative or nerve-racking things that we have a tendency to all face day today

Guided meditation edges

  • For beginners, the target-hunting meditation exercises delivered by Nirmala Sewani ar extremely helpful to expertise, learn and establish a daily meditation apply
  • For advanced meditation practitioners, Nirmala Sewani provides exercises that job best as target-hunting meditation exercises e.g. “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” for deeply quiet the body, “Journey of Transformation” and “White light-weight Imagery” that are each geared toward helping in healing of the body, and a chic “Contemplation on Gratitude” that may be practiced daily at the top of the regular Corporate meditation session


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