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Mental Health of Children at stake

In these times, mental health issues are very common in children especially when they are trapped in their houses with their online classes and lack of physical and outdoor activities. Children and teenagers in particular are very secretive about their life. Problems like their relationships, career, future, tiffs between their parents, financial problems that their parents are facing etc are some among the many examples that teenagers have an issue with. Based on studies, it is proven that parents have a huge role in their child’s mental health and major factors that can affect their child’s health mentally and physically are their relationships with their parents, parents facing financial issues, and relationship between the mother and the father. Believe it or not these factors affect teenagers ranging from 13-18 and can become a huge constraint in a kid’s development. They start to lose focus in their academics and extra curriculars and overthink about the problems that they can do nothing about. Another issue is that many children have abondonement issues with their guardian or parent. Influence by their fellow classmates and friends can lead to pear pressure which can lead to sudden outbursts and irritability. One of the symptoms of a child having depression or anxiety is there consistent (more than 2 weeks) lack of social interaction among their friends and parents. Children in the age group of 3-8 years are also a victim of mental health issues if they have consistent tantrums, irritability, trouble sleeping, eating disorders, consistent sadness for no specific reasons etc. These issues can take years to resolve a and will leave a dent in your child’s entire life if it is left unresolved.

What can we actually do about it?

Every child’s kundli and start position determine his or her problems and can be the solution to their problems too.

Our expert, Nirmala Sewani, Top Astrologer in India has immense experience in this forte. She can easily guide you with how to work out your child’s problems and be a supportive guide in their journey. She will help you resolve your teenager’s issues with her poojas, therapy sessions etc.

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