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Hurdles in Marriage

Marriage is a very beautiful and very important relationship. A successful marriage requires falling in love with the same person again and again. When two people agree to share their happiness & sorrow throughout their life they agree to get married. 

It is extremely important to get marriage at right time. Marriage is bliss if it happened properly time, but it will become a curse if not done with the right person or at a suitable time. Mostly delay in marriage happen due to career, qualification, family responsibilities, being highly choosy, being in a better life partner, etc. But the most important cause of delay can be the placement of your stars. If your stars are not in place, it can delay your marriage for a long time.  

It is extremely important to match the kundali and stars of both the partners so that they can live their life without any hurdles. If the match is not perfect it can cause a major problem in their marriage life. There can a situation where people regret their decision. Sometimes the problems become too stretched that it can reach separation or need to take legal advice. To avoid future issues it is highly advisable by the best astrologer in India, Nirmala Sewani to match the kundali and then take this strong step. 

There can be a situation that kundali is not matching but both the partners still want to marry and live their life together. In that case, some solutions can be advised by our Guru Maa Nirmala Sewani, like performing a specific hawan which can help to place the stars of both the partners in a suitable path to remove any obstacles happening in their marriage life.  

Nowadays love marriages are very common and people choose their life partner as per their compatibility but after a few years of marriage, they start facing real-time issues. The reason behind this is the position of their stars. They can only match the physical and emotional compatibility but forget to match or maybe don’t bother to match the stars which are the most important to be matched as your emotions, feeling, and physical compatibility is based on your star’s placement. 

Don’t format to match your kundali before going for a lifelong journey. 


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