Connotation of Colors – How it determines the character of human beings!

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Connotation of Colors – How it determines the character of human beings!

The most beautiful and vivacious creation of God had been the different shades and hues of colors that add life to all it touches. Interestingly enough, the source of all these amazing colors is the plain and simple white from which these colors emanate. Their brilliance culminates in when they merge into black. Hence, white and black form the universal colors.

Colors other than the universal colors the rest of them belong to the stars, the celestial bodies that govern our lives. They provide shape to our individuality, our characteristics and personality traits, our nature and even spell out the events that may occur in our lives. These colors that paint our lives in different shades also form the different shades of emotions, seasons and festivals.

Holi is a festival that marks ‘Phagun Ritu’ or Spring – the season of colors. Nature blossoms and blushes with the vivid festive colors. The colors of flowers and nature brings about waves of happiness and joy, vivacity and enthusiasm in life giving it a beautiful meaning. Nature seems to flaunt a blanket of different hues of vibrant colored flowers.

Today, on this festival of colors, Holi, my heart wants to write about colors, what star and seasons they represent and how each determines your character and achievements in life.


The most vibrant and bright color that stands out amongst the rest, red radiates warmth and hence represents the summers. It signifies the blood in our veins and stands for the planet Mars, it also represents speed, courage and a sharp mind. People who are extremely fond of this color are enthusiastic and extroverts. They are very expressive about their thoughts and feelings and are quick decision makers. This attribute however makes them very impulsive in nature attracting fast paced events in their lives. They have a settled career by the time they are 28, with incomes from diverse sources and this can be attributed to their bright and intelligent disposition that comes with a very clean heart and mind.

However, the moment you add a tinge of black color to convert this red into a maroon, it adds an extra person to the existing one. ….a dual personality.


This color is the essence of spring forms the sign of autumn. Representing the planet Jupiter and the skin and liver in the human body it brings out amazing personality traits of those who love this color. Each human being who loves this shade finds the shade of a child in his heart. If someone prefers the golden yellow to the pale shade of yellow, his will adorn a clever and intelligent personality with a consistent and stable career. These positive thinkers go on to achieve fame. Failure does not deter them. Their ability to think spiritually and lead a happy and content life helps them settle in life as per their family trends.

The moment the preference of a person changes from a golden yellow to a shade darker ie. Mustard yellow, his personality too changes by a shade making them an introvert unable to express their feelings let alone share them.


The most rejuvenating color green bids adieu to the staunching heat of the summers and welcomes the rainy season that brings about a sense of new life and freshness in nature and in the minds of all. This color stands for the planet Mercury and relates to the veins and kidneys in the human body.

The lovers of this beautiful color are happy souls who find satisfaction in giving. They are extremely hardworking and deserving so their undaunted courage helps them succeed early in life. Their world is centered around their family and loved ones and they strive to bring about mental peace and financial stability in their lives. Expressive by nature, the peak of their lives lingers between the age of 40 – 55. Success in almost all aspects of life comes naturally to them.


The color that seems to be so cold represents the winter season. People who feel strongly about blue are extremely inquisitive and their minds are infested with millions of questions. Perhaps that is the reason why this color has an affinity towards Literacy, light, research and development and Invention. The people who are passionate about blue usually end up as scientists and success to them comes late in life between the ages of 32-37. Once they take off on their careers then there is just no looking back. Being balanced in their thoughts and minds, their spiritual and worldly lives go hand in hand.

The ones who love a darker shade of blue, which is the sea blue, are complete cleanliness freaks. They do not appreciate interference in their lives and hence, don’t interfere in anyone else’s.

The personalities of lovers of the Indigo Blue take a sharp turn. Extremely reserved with a serious nature they have a very warm and kind heart. They make the best social workers and are always more than glad to share what they own.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, blue represents the nerves and thought process in the homo sapiens.


The most lively color of spring, orange represents the Sun. Its amazing to see how the life of people are influenced by color of this galactic star that is the source of life for our earth.

The lovers of bright orange have a pure soul but believe in living life the king size. Restless yet extremely determined, these dreamers are achievers and hence their courage leads them to success and fame. Patriotic but spiritual, they believe in God and are the dedicated to their cause and also their loved ones. They are known to settle both in life and career in their youth between 22 – 27 years of age. Orange represents the muscles and the arteries that carry the oxygenated purified blood in the human body.


This adorable color of love marks the advent of adolescence and innocence. T represents the season of love that lasts forever. The lovers of this shade make excellent dreamers but not achievers.

Lovers of the most delicate shade of light pink are emotional and let their hearts rule over their mind. Time killers, they form the lazy, non – ambitious genre of people who succeed very late in life although their careers take off very early. Delicate and sensitive in nature, these pessimistic beings often get into bouts of depression.

A darker shade has a different story to tell about the lovers of this color. They love life, are selfish and self centered, they know what their rights are and make sure they get it. These characteristics in them attract huge events in their lives that make them suffer eventually.

Pink connotes the delicate lips and cheeks in the human body and Venus and Malefic Mars in the galaxy.


This universal color brings out the visionary in a human being. It also marks the clever and shrewd characteristic, which is definitely not innocent and represents shining Venus.

It’s the off – white shade of color that represents the beautiful moon. It is the effect of this that makes the heart rule over the head rendering a person very emotional and a daydreamer. The personality trait includes extreme dedication and is mark of royalty too and represents the bones in the human body.



This extremely bold color that absorbs all the colors, stands for an absorbing personality who is extremely creative, a deep thinker and enjoys happy and sad emotions. He is compassionate and a good listener to others’ problems making it a point never to share his own.

The lovers of the color grey lead luxurious lives with a hint of royalty. These achievers, experience amazing success and exponential financial growth and gift themselves a lifestyle that is larger than life

After a lighter shade of black comes the black of black. People who are really passionate about he darkest tinge of black lead a happy and sad life. They experience a balance of emotions in their lives. It s towards the end of their lives that they start moving away from the materialistic world to a spiritual one. Their typical personality traits are stability; security and they work very hard towards attaining it.

Most people think that it’s the stars, the planets, the destinies, their up bringing that shape their personalities in real life but ever thought how colors can have an everlasting effect too?

So what color do you love?

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