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Energy in Vastu

Feng Shui talks about two types of energies – positive and negative. However, our Vedic Vastu Shastra talks about three types of energies, they are:-

·        ‘Satvik’: The extreme positive form of energy, which is present due to excessive prayers, worship, and saadhna.
·        ‘Tamasik’: The extreme negative form of energy which is related to the punish and reward system and gives you the strength to protect yourself and is not just consumption of liquor, gambling, fights, etc.
·        ‘Rajasik’:  The balanced combination of Satvik and Tamasik which is extremely necessary for making a good living.

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A place should have a balance of all these forms of energies. A family cannot survive only on Satvagun with all the family members only praying and performing puja-paath and nothing else. Similarly, a family where everyone is involved in drinking, gambling and fighting will not be able to make its living, though they are strong enough to protect themselves from external attacks like theft and physical assault. Rajagun is required to earn the ‘Shree’, i.e. the materials required to have a good living.

The energies are balanced from the center of the house, called the ‘Brahm Sthaan’ which should always be lit to ensure enlightenment.

A joint family is a perfect example of balanced energy where the elders of the family devote their maximum time in prayers and meditation, while the younger ones have the prime responsibility to work and earn a decent living.

In today’s nuclear families, this balance is disturbed, since the Satvagun part of the energy is generally missing and the Tamagun is present predominantly. To improve the Satvagun, a place of worship is required that balances the energies.

If a house has a lot of Satvagun, then there might be husband-wife conflicts, which may be streamlined by using a crystal to provide the Rajagun. Apart from this, green plants, kitchen, and the living room depict the Rajagun, while a basement depicts the Tamagun. For children to study, Satvagun is needed, but to make their careers, Rajagun is required.

The four Ashrams were based on the three forms of energy:
1.      Brahmacharya: Satvagun
2.      Grihastha          : Rajagun + Tamagun
3.      Vanaprastha    : Satvagun + Tamagun
4.      Sanyasa              : Satvagun

Even the Varna System of our society was in line with these forms of energy:
1.      Brahmin  :  Satvagun
2.      Kshatriya: Tamagun with Rajagun qualities also
3.      Vaishya  : Rajagun with Tamagun qualities also
4.      Shudra    : Tamagun

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