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Best Vastu Tips for Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra What You Must Avoid in kitchen:

  1. Kitchen should not be under or above the pooja room.
  2. A kitchen should not be directly under or above the toilets.
  3. Avoid having a kitchen directly under or above the bedroom.
  4. Do not place cooking gas burner/stove directly in front kitchen’s entrance door.
  5. A kitchen in North-East may causes mental tension among family members.
  6. Kitchen in South-West may leads to clashes among family members.
  7. A kitchen in North-West direction is acceptable but it may leads to increase in monetary expenditures in the house
  8. Most risky position of the kitchen is the one placed in North direction; as North is Lord Kubera’s (the God of Wealth) direction, having a kitchen in North will increase the expenditure of family beyond expectations and control.
  9. Never face west while cooking as this leads to severe health problems to the cook(the one who is cooking for the family).
  10. If while cooking the cook faces south direction then the family has to face monetary losses/expenditures.
  11. Avoid using black color for kitchen walls and floorings etc tiles or marble.
  12. Avoid keeping a refrigerator in North-East direction.


What You Must Do:

  1. Position of the kitchen should be in center point to southeast direction
  2. Water utensils should be in North Direction
  3. Gas stove should be in the southeast direction
  4. Electronic items such as microwave, toaster, mixer should be in west direction
  5. If the gas stove cannot be placed in southeast direction and is placed in north or west then there should be a long/full-length mirror of the same height as of cook(person who is preparing food in your house), to compensate the side effects.
  6. Windows should be in the north east direction so that there should be cross ventilation
  7. Smoke should move out of the kitchen from the south west direction.
  8. To avoid ill health of the person cooking food one should follow the following things
    1. Never take footwears inside the kitchen, if taking wear clean footwear.
    2. Never prepare food in bad moods, as if affects the health of a person who is having that food and spread negativity in a person’s mind
  9. If Sinks are not in the right direction then you can put plants on the entrance of kitchen like : curry leaves, Neem or bonsai.
  10. You can place Tulsi Plant in kitchen for good health, wealth and prosperity
  11. The slope of the following water inside the kitchen should be in west direction
  12. To increase productivity inside the kitchen one should plant following plants inside the kitchen
    1. Monesary
    2. Amla
    3. Gudhal
  13. If you are your food item for the long run then you should store them in east direction
  14. Clean kitchen, kitchen platform, and utensils daily at night before sleeping.

Just follow all above mentioned best vastu Vigyan tips for kitchen and you can – and definitely will – feel a big and positive change in your life and atmosphere in your house or you can consult best Vastu Vigyan Specialist Ms Nirmala Sewani for more vastu Vigyan tips.

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