A Prayer

A Prayer

As a little girl, as I stepped into my teens, I never realized that I carried a divine blessing within me. Naïve and innocent, dressed in floral patterned dresses, I answered every question promptly. While predicting for all who had unblemished faith in me became a way of life, little did I know that like a typical sixteen year old, I could no longer be oblivious to the delicately overpowering yet the beautiful feeling of love.
It was magical yet amazingly serene. The feeling was so strong for my soul mate that my heart and mind painted an amazing picture of my imaginative invisible beloved my heart yearned to meet one day. Writing came naturally to me, probably the most pertinent mode for me to pen down these effervescent overflowing thoughts of him that filled my senses so intensely. I realized that my love for him had turned into something way stronger, purer and more meaningful – a soulful prayer, an ‘Ibaadat’.

A Prayer (7th July 1981)
Your very existence seems to be way beyond the realms of my understanding,
And far far away from reality.
While I try to look for the light, the source of life that I emanated from,
I feel the strong bond that your being shares with my body and soul,
Within which I search for my infinite desire to love
Which ends at the alter of your pure love.
It is this serene love of yours that leads my learned mind to a place where soulful oasis exist.
It is in these oases that I see you and only your reflection,
And Today, my feelings tell me that you are my dawn, you are my twilight, my God and even my prayer !

As I grew up I started realizing and understanding better what I had penned down…..love is a many splendid thing my dear friends. Love is a celebration that goes way beyond a lifetime. For all you warm hearts out there that beat and thrive on love, who have imagined and waited for their soul mates, let me tell you that there is one out there for each one of you. Just as you seek your love so does your soul mate.

Today, as the world celebrates the day of love on Saint Valentines Day, my endeavor would be a soulful prayer for each one of you souls to meet their mate.
Wishing you all a day and life filled with pure love and serenity.

– Inspiring Serenity

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