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When to get married?

We are always curious to know about our marriage, when, where and to whom? Our Astrology plays a very important role in our life and moreover when its about your life partner than everyone should consult the astrologer for it as this is going to decide your life. With the help of astrology we can get hints/idea/guidelines about when will we get married, Marriage distance and direction? We will discuss here how to know about Direction of Spouse in astrology.

According to Hindu astrology planet positions totally affect the marriage. According to Vedic and Indian astrology “men are from mars and woman’s are from Venus”. For any kind of information regarding Marriage and spouse we have to check 7th house, Planets posited in 7th house and the significator of Marriage Venus. Determine the strongest among the 7th lord, Planets placed in 7th house and Venus. The direction indicated by the strongest planet can be the direction of Spouse in astrology. Check the Sign which is rising in 7th house and the direction indicated by this Sign.

When people approach us for Marriage Consultation Nirmala Sewani use her best knowledge and technique to come to an conclusion about the Direction of Spouse. It takes only few minutes by her to Analyze Marriage only.

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