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How I Became a Disciple of Nirmala Sewani (Healer) as she is the Spritual guide to ATTRACTING PROSPERITY

The inspiring story of a super women’s quest for God and Self-realization through Mantras, Yagnas and her predictions especially for her disciples and me. I would like to congratulate her for sharing her journey with the world this compilation will inspire so many. I believe a woman’s strength is not measured by the impact that all her hardships have had on her; but by the extend of her determination not to allow those hardships to dictate her course of her life. I am sure the autobiography will provide strength and inspiration to many to face life’s challenges.

She is the one who brings us to life and teaches us to stand and walk and yet is modestly sublime to stay behind when we get skilled to go ahead in life; for me she represents the magnitude of healer. She holds the elegance of inner peace, the grace to give and accept; the mystery of a hidden laughter and tears always ready to surface, and a glamour that radiates the courage within. Nirmala ji is a gods child she is believer how to fight it out tough. She says whatever you do be sincere, diligent, god fearing and different that’s the pure advice she gives and I have followed her word and did the same which has got me so many positive things in life and name in the society

Nirmala ji is one soul maintained with her simplicity in spite of everything, her faith stood ground while strength of her devotion and the grace of her beloved God grew multifold. An embodiment of love and innocence, her heart is temple of devotion. Nirmala ji is a change agent. She has inspired and changed so many lives and every time she creates a new story for herself and her entire community.

” She is powerful and full of untapped potential.”

Lastly I would say one word that encapsulates the life and work of NIRMALA SEWANI it is “Service” service to the society & service to people.

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