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Simi and her family has known Nirmalaji as she affectionately calls her for the last two and a half decades. Immaculate predictions of Simi’s board examination results to the second decimal, to the college and the profession that she chose was just the beginning. The next set of predictions were related to Simi’s marriage, the sex of her child, the personality traits of her unborn child which even today never fails to stupefy Simi after a span of 14 years.

Nirmala then came to Simi’s rescue when she was fighting a long and painful divorce and eventually won the custody of her son through a havan and gem therapy. The accurate soothsaying about Simi’s second marriage to a UK based gentleman, the birth of their daughter, the list seemed endless. Simi’s husband who never believed in astrological predictions, became an ardent believer of Nirmala and today the entire family consults her consistently to guide them with amazing precision.

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