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Renu’s son was critically ill but nothing seemed to come out of the diagnosis. He had been hospitalized on the 4th of Oct 2007 but all medication was futile. Renu was referred to Nirmala through a family friend. After consulting her, Renu embarked on a therapy that combined havan and gems towards the end of Oct 2007. By the first week of Dec 2007, he had started showing signs of recuperating till one day he just got off the bed and ran out of his room.

Renu could not believe the miracle. Kapil was discharged on 7th Dec 2007. Kapil told his mother that when he was in the hospital, he found himself wandering in a maze of tunnels unable to find his way out, till he met a an old white bearded man dressed in white clothes who held his hand and showed him the way out. Nirmala confirmed that he was none other than her Guru.

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