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Dearest Nirmala Di,

When you asked me to write a few lines about my experience with you, I kept wondering as to how can I ever describe my feelings and gratitude towards you in words because that is inexpressible. I first met you in 2013 through a family friend, it was for my ailing health which had no possible explanation from endless doctors and tests I had gone through and the medicines I had popped,with no relief.

The moment we met and even before I cud speak anything, you very precisely and accurately described everything I was going through as if you just read my thoughts. You counselled me on all the possible causes & remedies for the same and I though reluctantly at first but decided to go ahead with it. And surprise of all, just within a week I felt better and started gaining my energies back and in the meantime also kept consulting you. True to your words I was out of all this mess within a few months. Not only my health but by di’s expert guidance I gained considerable improvement in all aspects of my life from Professional to financial to social to spiritual and I feel just about everything. Within just 3 months of performing my first Pooja with her I moved to a bigger apartment and within few years have moved to USA. All these years Nirmala didi has been with me and my family like a guide lovingly supporting and blessing us at every step of our lives.

Thanks and many more thanks for being there!! You have brought endless joy and happiness to our family and I would always & always be grateful to you for everything.

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