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I have been associated with Nirmala Sewaniji for almost 15 years. Her knowledge and predictions are absolutely accurate and she has the blessing of Almighty to help us all with her perfect guidance, insight and intuitiveness. In certain low phases of my life she gave the strength to persevere and the solutions given by her worked like magic. I completely trust her with everything that she suggests, whether it is for my work, business, well being or any other issues. She even gave me the first alphabets of the name of my son-in-law at a time when we did not even know of him. The yagya/havans done by her are so powerful that the results are everlasting.

I sent a friend of mine to her whose daughter got many alliances but was not able to get married. She performed a havan for the family and within 6 months the daughter is happily married and very well settled.

Nirmalaji is an amazingly wonderful human being and has Divine powers to help mankind. May God bless her with good health and happiness. She is truly my Friend, Philosopher and Guide!

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