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Be a woman with big bindi or her forhead and with strong attitude and in her room might be so many candles she might be saying mantras in loud voice but when I saw her I got so impressed as she was a very simple and very sweet spoken person without any attitude and very sweetly she said “betao keya sawaal hai aapka “I asked her question regarding my brother regarding my future and I swear what ever she predicted came true and here I want to mention that time I was unmarried she even told first alphabet of my future husband name his city and even she told me how many children I am going to have and all became true after that I got so attached to her as she is next to God to me.

I am in contact with her from 25 years when ever in my life I feel stuck I always consultant Didi .here I want to give massages to every one which is very important the way you go temple with all your faith and trust in God and you are not going to temple to test God ability or power same way if you are going to visit nirmala di pls go with full trust in her not to test her ability as only then it will be easy for you and for her to fully make that spiritual connection .Me poonam sharma what ever I mentioned about Nirmala Ji is pure truth and based on my own experiences.may God blessed nirmala di with good health and long beautiful life Poonam

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