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No combination of words cannot possibly define what Nirmala Didi means to me and my family,it has been 15 years since I know her.

My husband had met with a car accident,his condition was very critical and we had lost all hopes of his surviving.Then my sister told me about didi & we contacted her.Her miraculous prayers showed the result and my husband started recovering.By Grace of God & Didi’s prayers he is absolutely fine now.Three years back my father was diagnosed with cancer.

We were all taken aback by this bad news. But Didi showed us a ray of hope amidst the darkness.With her pujas and Havans she reduced my father’s pain.

Nirmala Didi is one of the most kindhearted,caring and humble person I have ever met.She is a gem of a person and we are very fortunate to know her.She is like an elder sister to us and had always stood by us through thick and thin.

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