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Financial Characteristics of your Zodiac

“Vit ki teen gati….dan,bhog,Nash Pahli do jo n karta tisariapne aap ho jati!” This shlok/phrase from ‘Niti Shatak’ created by Bhrathari, relates to the truth our lives.

“There are three outlets of money– ‘daan’ meaning charity, ‘Bhog’ meaning enjoyment and ‘Naash’ meaning destruction.” If the first two are not followed, the third becomes inevitable, i.e. whatever you earn, either give away in charity or utilize it for your pleasure or in this world, where everything is destructible; money will also be destroyed.

We all are aware that for every day’s functioning money is required. In this materialistic world, money may not be a goal, but it is definitely a medium to live life.

The shining stars across the blue canvas of the sky always attract attention of our eyes and mankind has always been working incessantly to find the mysteries around these stars. The more we look for; newer aspects unfold themselves in front of the mankind.

Varhmihir who is one of the pioneers in concept astrology says – “Pratyaksham Jyotísh shastra chandrakan yasyaSakshindó, i.e. this science is evident and its effect is seen on this earth and on everything which can be living or non-living, and its witness are sun and moon that are incessantly moving and making it more evident.

The effect of planets on human life is not an imagination but is a truth. The waxing and waning of moon is the reason of high/low tide in the ocean and has been accepted by scientists. The way waxing and waning of moon can create havoc in ocean, the same way other planets also have an effect on human body, mind, psyche, personality and the day today happenings.

Here we will discuss the planetary effect on personality and finances of persons born in 12 zodiac signs.


Aries (21 March to 20 April)

This is the beginning of the astral cycle. The lord of this sign is Mars-it represents science, culture, logic and leadership. The way Mars is a brightly shining star on the horizon, in the same way people born under its influence acquire fame and name.

They are, by nature, independent and like to manage their finances independently. It is advised that they should run business in partnership and should be involved in business related to electrical items, bricks, iron etc. This is a sign of channelized energy and balanced thinking, due to these qualities they can make good police and officers of defence, they are good administrators and therefore usually acquire position of power.

Although they are very clear headed and intelligent, they are bad at financial management. They should use their money as efficiently as they use their mind. They usually earn well but may lose money due to gambling. They have a weakness to fall for impulsiveness and may put their money in wrong places. They have immense ambition for property but they require lot of patience and stability for this. Mars depicts spring and spring represents prosperity, intelligence and love and these people spend a big amount on lavish lifestyles.

Taurus (21 April to 20 May)

The mind and heart of people born under this sign are ruled by Venus. Venus represents love and beauty and therefore people born under this sign are peace loving and very patient. These people not only boast, but actually spend a big part of their earning for social welfare.

They are attracted to beauty, culture, sympathy and all alluring things. They usually make their living by beauty and art related endeavours like- cinema, theatre, painting, designing, photography etc. They are also good decision makers and advisors and therefore can make counselling and related field a good medium for earning money. They also rely greatly on fate and like luxury and privacy. Due to their love for luxury, they need to be cautious in spending money in gambling. They should invest in mutual funds or shares to have maximum gains.

Gemini (21 May to 21 June)

This sign represents twins and therefore it has brains of two persons, they also have a double fortune. In this sign ruled by Mercury- two types of energies flow together – high and low. They are a combination of body and soul, good and evil, heaven and hell, extra-terrestrial and terrestrial. These people exhibit love for society in ample amounts. Despite having problems, pain and excessive hard work, they find peace and happiness due to their good karma. They do not need to earn money and do not work to get profits, but they can give away their lives for a particular goal. Due to this self-realisation, they become great thinkers, authors, philosophers, teachers and historians. They may earn by becoming authors and philosophers.

Cancer (22 June to 22 July)

Cancer denotes strong will power. Cancer is represented by crab and crab first moves backwards to gain strength to forge ahead. This sign is fragrance of life force; it is ruled by the Moon. The people born under this sign are very imaginative and when they use their imagination in earning money they can become very successful share traders, astrologers, tarot readers, novelists and poets.

They are deeply involved in research and therefore, they see the happenings of events in life like a movie. They are a water sign and can earn well if get into related work like- chemicals, paint, hotel management, medicines, boating/shipping, direction and dentist etc.

They can acquire wealth by their creativity and imagination but they spend most of it in acquiring luxury. Women of this sign are specially advised to invest in property besides jewellery to get double benefit of their luck.

Leo (23 July to 23 August)

This is the fifth sign representing fire, strength and patience. Besides leadership, their personality has sharp analytical power, dedication, honesty towards work and effective working style. They face work and finance related problems with patience and faith. Their financial growth is very slow due to the micro-analysis of their own intelligence which acts as a hindrance. They easily sway into false sense of security due to suddenly acquired success. The people born under this sign want to be financially independent. They have to learn to make wise use of their financial resources before they are totally consumed. They have to learn that ‘Earn more and spend more’ cannot give success.

They have an ability to get results and can shoulder difficult responsibilities, and that is why big industrialists, financial managers, land holders, builders, political and administrative positions are often headed by these people.

To get financial benefits they should use their imagination that fulfils their basic principles and for that, they should invest in areas of entertainment like- acting, music, educational institutions or tourism. Due to their bigheartedness they are never able to save and therefore, for financial security they should keep investing in jewellery and mutual funds etc.

Virgo (23 August to 22 September)

This is a sign of purity and a beautiful girl represents this sign. When the Sun is in this sign, the crop is harvested. The persons born under this sign are successful because they are able to understand other people and have skills and expertise to do that. They have great intelligence but they have a preference for fashion on life skills. Therefore a big part of their income is spent on lifestyle and giving gifts. They are more successful in professions involving intelligence rather than hard work. They are good writers and smartbusinessmen; therefore they excel financially if they deal in business involving clothes, medicine and entertainment.

They have an exceptional analytical skill and an intense hunger to find answers for unknown and therefore excel as scientists and can gain financially if they take science as a profession. They have a tendency to preserve and therefore are not spend thrift and use their finances to make life more beautiful and comfortable. It is often advised to use their money for welfare of society although they are happy to share their earnings with other people and subordinates and keep them happy. They cannot keep money for long and are advised to invest in immovable assets.

Libra (23 September to 22 October)

This sign is related to balance and the lord of this sign is Venus. People born under this sign have great feeling of balance and justice. It is also a sign of union of power and balancing point of our existence. Librans make their own fate. Besides being creative, they are also experts in managing their finances in a balanced manner. They have great adaptability to different and challenging circumstances; with the result, they are able to divert their intellectual and artistic pursuits in a positive direction even when they are undergoing financial difficulties. Law, writing, teaching, medicine, production and flying are certain professions in which they can be successful. They spend less and therefore business gives them strength and they use their money for the welfare of society in a big way.

Due to interest in creativity, they are also good painters, musician, entertainers and dancers and use their money in these artistic pursuits. They are fond of traveling as they are also fun loving. With limited resources how can you give your life a beautiful outlook has to be learnt from these individuals. They save intelligently for future and are benefited by investing in both movable and immovable assets.

Scorpio (23 Oct to 21 Nov)

The lord of this sign is Mars which is outside the orbit of Earth. It protects the person from every opposition. The people born under this sign give more importance to money to give stability to their lives. To earn money, they have intense wisdom, desire and a strong will to expand the horizons of their work.

They show expertise in medicine and are successful surgeons and chemists. They use their finances to make their life powerful and attractive. They spend the money earned freely on others and their family members.

Being independent, they spend a big part of their earned income on parties and luxurious items. To make their personality and surroundings effective, they spend liberally even if it means spending extra or on unnecessary items. The people born under this sign are so entangled with profit from current situation that they are unable to fore see the impending difficulties and therefore have to struggle to fight their behaviour regarding spending, so that they can live a financially secure future. They are advised to invest immovable assets so that liquidity is there as and when required.

Sagittarius (22 Nov to 21 Dec)

This is a sign of administration and intelligence. Persons born under this sign represent stability and balance. They are excellent in management of finances and human resources. They have complete control and quality to lead; they manage beautifully between earning and expenditure. Despite being easy on money, they have immense capability to save money. They are fun loving and brave hearted and therefore spend on eating, entertainment and merriment.

To gain stature and fulfil their ambitions, they spend money effectively but sometimes they misuse it too. They do not get involved in things like gambling and lotteries etc. They are good businessmen and have a quality to accomplish their projects related to individual and financial benefits. For management of finances, they are good CEO or head of organization. They gain sometimes by shares, lottery etc.They are lucky and can benefit by investing in real estate.

Capricorn (22 December to 21 January)

This is the tenth sign depicted by goat and ruled by planet Saturn. The people born under this sign make their living by agriculture, gardening, flowers, wood, rubber etc. These people work on searching for wells and mines, mathematics and chemistry are their favourite subjects. They have good concentration and ability to absorb and therefore they are very aware about finances. They don’t spend unnecessarily and spend intelligently on education and knowledge. They use their money on expansion of their institution or organization.

Instead of spending on self, they like to spend on their subordinates. Their ambition is to raise self and all along taking their family and society along with them. Financial management for these people is to invest more or expand business. They should be careful from people who are greedy, because due to their trusting nature, people often cheat them and so they are usually seen undergoing many ups and downs in their lives.

Aquarius (22 January to 18 February)

The sign is depicted by pot with flowing water and is governed by Saturn. It is a sign of decisiveness and the pot depicts deeds of mankind and the flowing water outcome of those deeds. This sign represents progressiveness and therefore these people are seen as leaders in bringing change in their finances by different sources but in terms of financial management they depict stability and are grounded. These people are good teachers, bureaucrats, designers, environmentalists, land scrappers, writers, actors and religious workers. A part of whatever they earn is spent on travel and enjoyment. They weigh money as indicator ofsuccess; although they don’t believe themselves in it but for them money is to establish social standing. For them, to have followers is also an indication of success. They are not swayed easily by opposition in carrying out their projects.

They make savings and financial management an integral part of their lives. In today’s industrial civilization they come across as trustworthy persons with work oriented quality. Gambling, shares etc. can be harmful for them and therefore,they should invest in land, property or precious metals.

Pisces (19 February to 20 March)

Last of the sun sign, this sign is an indicator of mechanical power of mankind. The lord of this sign is Jupiter which isthe Lord of this galaxy. The people belonging to this sign are patient, peaceful and amicable. They are very aware of the inner world and are dreamers, when they translate these into practical world they succeed as teachers, head of institution-both educational and spiritual. They are well mannered and thoroughly cultured and think from their mind and feel from their hearts. Their financial management is very balanced in every way. They use their income properly in charity, lifestyle and saving for difficult time. If they spend their money in social work their personality, status and success will reach a new dimension. They have unique quality of influencing people and are hence good leaders. They can be a good source of inspiration for teaching financial management to others. Shares and gamble can be beneficial for them and due to their good judgment they can invest in shares and property.

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