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Drawing Positivity through Decluttering

You don’t have to believe in luck, but what if you really can do a few things to draw more positive energy into your home.

With the ongoing Swacch Bharat Abhiyan initiated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, it becomes essential for us to start with cleaning our houses. Decluttering helps to remove blockages from our life that stop the flow of energy to us and everything we enjoy. Physical clutter can actually bring mental and emotional clutter. It is not just the everyday garbage that we throw but holding onto things that are no more used or are defective or are rarely used should be done away with. They not just take space but also obstruct the energy flow.

Defective electronic gadgets or clothes that do not fit us anymore should be discarded or given to someone who can make use of them. Throw, recycle, donate or sell what is not required anymore. Women are commonly fond of collecting cosmetics. Most of the time many cosmetic items like perfumes expire. We should avoid unnecessarily accumulating things because as it is expired stuff cannot be used so buy things as and when required. We should not keep things out of gulit or obligation. We keep accumulating things that we do not use because they are gigted by our loved ones. Don’t be afraid to let go.

The home décor that we do for our houses define our personality. A small house or small rooms decorated with artificial flowers, which might accumulate dust or may make the room look overcrowded, should be avoided. Be a minimalist, keeping minimum possible decorative pieces that do not obstruct our way and also be soothing to our eyes.

Even paintings can have a positive or negative effect on the vaastu of a place. A south facing house, getting lot of sunshine can get a cooling effect by placing a painting with greenery or water bodies. Even having a fish aquarium gives the same cooling effect. The paintings may not be with bulky frames but can also be in the form of wall posters in case the rooms are small.

A broken glass should be removed immediately from the house not because of ill luck but because it may hurt someone. Similarly, cobwebs give a creepy and unkept look to the house, hence they should be removed immediately. They also are indicative to the complexities in life.

At times there are idols of Gods and Goddesses that get broken in the house. Immersing these broken idols in water bodies or putting them under Peepal or other trees is the worst possible way of doing awy with them. This way we are polluting our water bodies and accumulating garbage not just for ourselves but also for our country. Even keeping these broken idols in the temple premises does not make sense as the idols there are meant for worship and we do not worship a broken idol, so it is best to destroy them completely so that they can be recycled. We should look at the practical and scientific aspects of things rather than just hanging on to old beliefs.

Immersion of idols was also performed in places where there was flowing water, like Ganpati Visarjan was done in Maharastra, Durga visarjan in Calcutta, these idols get completely dissolved with flowing water in the sea or the rivers.  If we blindly follow these traditions in places like rajasthan, where there is already a scarcity of water, then it will certainly be problematic. Rajasthan has its own tradition of festivals like haryali teez, and gangaur etc which we should follow with great fervor.

In short , along with keeping our beliefs intact, we should keep things that we can maintain easily and makes our house peaceful, fresh and positive.

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