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Court Cases Problems & Police Case Litigation

Court Cases and Legal issues are very common in everyone’s life like property disputes cases, divorce cases, contract disputes, criminal cases, family issues, etc. One or the other day we all face these court cases, and once the case starts it’s a very time taking procedure. Lots of paperwork you need to work on, you have to visit court on the date of every hearing, show your presence is very important in every hearing whether you are in town or not. You can’t even plan your vacation with your family, business trips, during your hearing dates. 

It also affects your finances as court cases are quite expensive. You have to hire a lawyer and need to pay him/her at every hearing. You will also have to follow all the legal procedures. You are even restricted from going out of the country, cannot apply for a visa in some destinations, which can even affect your business and job, and cannot even change your job in some situations. 

There are times when these cases take years to resolve due to the lack of resources and legal procedures of our country. Sometimes people withdraw their cases in the middle, without getting justice  as these cases take years to resolve and people cannot afford the same. It’s very difficult for a middle-class person to fight with two challenges at a time, one is the court case, and simultaneously the other is the money challenge for case expenses.

Even after following the procedure people are not sure that the case will be in favor or against at the end.  People try all remedies to solve the court cases & case litigation like pooja, havan, performing other rituals but sometimes these things don’t give any result.

These issues can be resolved, your court cases can be in favor of you as our expert Nirmala Sewani, Top Astrologer of India with her immense experience can not only guide you but also help you to resolve the cases permanently so that it will not bother you in future. People have a great experience with Nirmala Sewani in Police Case Litigation and Court Cases. 

Everyone has different kundli based on their star’s position and other technical aspects so the solution cannot be the same for all. Nirmala Sewani will deeply analyze your Kundli and star position and accordingly guide you with the solution.  

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