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(Colour Vastu) How to Select the Best Colors for Your Home

Colors, colors, and colors; they’re everywhere; the entire world is stuffed with them.

Right from the foremost scenic places within the world to the screen before of your eyes at once, you’re sure to realize colours.

Did you recognize that colours have astounding effects on emotions, mind and thought process?

For example, surround a depressed person with black color and he might ne’er overcome melancholy.

On the opposite hand, keeping constant – affirmative the exact same – depressed person enclosed with spirited and heat colours would fast-track the healing method and someday he is also one among the foremost optimistic person you’ve ever met in your life.

Such are often – and is – the impact of colors on our lives.

What this all means is that you just can’t – and must not ever – devalue the importance of colours.

This is the first reason why Vastu Shastra has rules and pointers for coloring a house.

These Vastu color tips – or pointers – would assist you to settle on the most effective color combination for your house in order that you and your family area unit invariably spirited, lovable, healthy and happy.

But first, I need you to grasp what every color means that and what space of life that color influences.

Colors Vastu – What every colours Signifies

Since colours area unit all over, there has to be some aspiring to them.

What I mean is that every and each color ought to signify one thing and that’s precisely what this section of the article addresses.

In this section, I’ll disclose to you what every color (main colors) means that and what side of life they influence.
So with none delay, let’s begin learning what every color means and what space of life it influences.


Red may be a daring color. It represents lust, passion, materialism, base energies, bravery, power, drama, emotions, action, passion, aggressiveness, warmth, energy, and timbre.

Its nature is active and stimulating (that’s why you’ll see a lot of red in some restaurants because it stimulates hunger).

You can use red color in places that require heat and energy.

Try golf stroke combination of red color shades (not too much) within the front room and see however spirited that room becomes.

People stricken by depression or who’re nervous ought to avoid red color because it are often terribly nerve-wracking.


Sky and water area unit diagrammatical by this color.

Blue conjointly signifies beauty, tranquility, happiness, emotions, inspiration, devotion, truth and mercy.
It’s a color that helps to heal and reduces pain.

You can use blue colours in area unitas that are vast.

Avoid victimization blue for little rooms.

Always certify to settle on lighter reminder blue whereas coloring walls of your home.

Try to avoid a lot of blue colour workplace, look or mill.

Avoid having an excessive amount of blue within the house as it’ll result in cough, cold and similar medical problems.


Growth, nature, relaxation, healing, fertility, abundance, prosperity, positive energy, rebirth, re-creation, etc. area unit the attributes diagrammatical by inexperienced color.

Since it represents healing that’s why you’ll notice a lot of inexperienced colour hospitals.

Another vital quality of inexperienced color is that it helps to quiet down temper and helps soothe the mood.

Hence, individuals or couples with temperament problems will use a lot of of inexperienced color.


The white color signifies purity, cleanliness, openness, innocence, simplicity, and luxury.

Since it conjointly represents privacy and intimacy, you ought to not paint the entire house white, else you will become egocentric.

You must certify to possess the entire ceiling of the house in white color.


Yellow represents happiness, purity, positive thoughts, optimism, openness, illumination, intelligence, study, stable mind, wealth and concentration.

Yellow has broadening impact i.e. it is often used at places or rooms that aren’t big; this’ll build the place look larger than it really is.

The abdominal nerve plexus chakra (out of the seven chakras) of the shape has a yellow color.

Hence, individuals having activity problems will use a lot of yellow color.


Orange color characterizes pride, determination, goals, communication, physiological condition, vivacity, warmth, action, energy, comfort, and ease.

It’s a color that may be employed by those who feel depressed with life.

Also, young aspirants who’re willing to place in determined efforts to attain goals in their life ought to use a lot of orange color.

However, certify to not use an excessive amount of orange (just use it in moderation).


Brown represents satisfaction, happiness, comfort, stability, and earth part.

It’s a masculine color and might be employed by anyone who agency needs to feel happy and glad in his life.


Purple is the color of luxury, riches, graciousness, self-regard, and poise.

It is often employed by individuals who’re stricken by complex (especially males).


It represents spirituality, happiness, satisfaction, memory, concentration, peace of mind and decisive nature.
Indecisive individuals ought to use a lot of violet color; it’ll facilitate them to take higher selections and instill confidence.

Also, those who feel they’re invariably malcontent with life will use violet color.

Try to not use an excessive amount of violet colour workplace or business place as it’ll cause you to feel glad about no matter the cash you have got and therefore the drive to form extra money won’t be in you.

It’s a really sensible color to be used moderately in kid’s bedchamber, pooja room, classroom and therefore the rooms of individuals whose work needs constant mental activity.

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