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March 17, 2020

content production workflow

A content workflow is a set of tasks that a team needs to complete for a given client or content type — a web page, a blog post, a white paper, an email, or any other kind of content that the group needs to deliver. Informa PLC’s registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG. So, every piece of content we would write would be examined against this checklist before it was handed to the editor to click Publish. The editor can review work in regular meetings but only needs to act when notified, and the rigorous pre-publish section of the checklist reduces the workload on the editor. We can look at an overview of this in one of our calendar views. This kind of small automation proved useful and the team liked how it improved the flow. Registered in England and Wales. Beyond the very real benefit of a good workflow improving the content, a solid team workflow can boost your overall output and practically run your content team itself. The editor performs their checks on the article and publishes accordingly. Best of luck, Ken. Start free trial No credit card required. So you have a card for Write Article and it’s currently in the Upcoming column, then you start it and move it into the Doing column. Browse: Home. Social Media Influencer Outreach Checklist 4. If you’re thinking about using workflow technology to mature your content marketing, this blog has 5 tips to help you design your content creation workflows. It will also add some automatic tags because it was created via the Slack channel. "Content Strategy for the Web" author Kristina Halvorson says a content workflow determines "how content is requested, sourced, created, reviewed, approved, and delivered." Those associations that leave their workflows undefined often find it difficult to keep track of a large number of projects. But your content will not be highly effective if that’s your outlook – even if the substance of your content is brilliant! The most important one to note here was how we launched our pre-publish checklists. Informa UK Limited is part of Informa PLC. The default workflow will depend upon the project type that was selected when the project was created. When you’re a small team you want to be able to act quickly. Once the writer has done this, the next section of the checklist is assigned, via Process Street’s task assignments feature, to the designer. To replicate our kind of setup you’ll need a paid account with Zapier, Airtable, and Process Street. The Anatomy of a Great Production Workflow. Production workflows are important for training new team members, scaling your business, and doing good work without having to reinvent the wheel. This allowed us to store all our ideas and then assign due dates to the ideas we liked to show they were coming soon. Earlier this month, we spoke at Content Marketing World on how to restructure your internal team and processes in order to improve your organization’s ability to create quality content in a sustainable way. This is like choosing the specific sheet or section of the database you want this data to be entered into. To keep content projects on track, define the #workflow before #content is created, says @RobertMills via @cmicontent. Let us know what has worked for you and what hasn’t in the comments below! The publishing calendar can be planned a month or more in advance, not just because of calendar software but because the editors now have more time to carefully manage future output. Identify when the tasks get done (the flow). But this isn’t the normal pre-publish checklist. Do You Have a Playbook for Long-Term Success? A bottleneck is a choke point in the production workflow that obstructs the throughput of job volume. Let’s look at each part – who, what, and when – separately. That’s why you need a sole person who is responsible for overseeing the project, including keeping each piece of content moving through each stage of the workflow. Every team does: Certain people do certain things at certain times over and over. Our blog writing process used to look very similar to the template embed you can see below. Whenever you have a new idea, you put it into that channel. On the technology front, the ongoing roll-out of 5G technology will further enhance remote production, while AI will continue to expand into more facets of production workflows. Check you’ve included the keyword in the different headers, make sure there are no typos, look at the formatting for each image, etc etc. The writer only needs to work from a single checklist at any point, making their lives easier and providing them with more guidance and steps to increase quality consistently. Content Marketing World is part of the Informa Connect Division of Informa PLC. It’s much quicker than using a regular Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet when you’re operating with thousands of complex records, and it’s much easier to do complex things with thanks to its intuitive filtering and grouping functionalities. By using Content Marketing Institute, you. You know what the flow is, what the tools are, and some more information about how it all fits together. This means that everyone can see the progress of their team members while recording their progress too. You also need to be realistic about when things can be done. For the first, moving a card to a particular column was the trigger and running the checklist was the action. For example, if you know a certain subject-matter expert is away every Thursday, don’t set the sign-off date for a Thursday as that will thwart success and set things up to be late from the beginning. Kingston’s Workflow Station and Readers give users the freedom to create and customize a file offload setup that fits their needs allowing them to transfer video, photos, and audio from multiple sources at once 1 . Readability? In the space of 1 year. A blog post which is optimized for Google can bring you hundreds or thousands of hits every month. With a defined workflow, everyone who helps plan, create, and publish the content knows the process and how their individual tasks fit into it. The aim of a content workflow is to not only get content produced faster, but ensure everyone in the process is on the same page and knows exactly what their responsibilities are. Using the third party automation app Zapier, this would then run a pre-publish checklist and post a link to it into the Trello card. Introduce several feedback loops (marketing, HR, legal) and you’ve added several layers of complexity to the workflow. Accepting, Formatting, Editing and Publishing a Guest Post You know how we do our content creation workflow! There are many ways to create a production workflow. Use the terms your team uses. That small time investment to create a solid content creation workflow will reap dividends later down the line. What experiences have you had with defining content workflows? [The Weekly Wrap], Break down the content process into manageable tasks, Identify each piece of content’s stage of development, Identify each step for the content to receive approval, Know who is responsible for each step and when, Reviewers (legal, HR, department heads, etc.). Workflow in Content Management. Streamline Every Step Possible Knowing that John is a bottleneck means you can address the reasons why (no time, other priorities) and help unblock him. Allocate a realistic amount of time to each stage. Thanks! This new process begins when the writer does. There is no room for excuses such as “I didn’t know it was my responsibility” or “That’s not my job” – things I’ve heard many times when working with clients. Content Creation Workflows: Why You Need One and How to Build It, Airtable vs Trello: The Best of Task and Project Management, The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Automation, Ultimate Guide to Small Business Automation with Zapier, 50 Ways To Save Time & Money with Workflow Automation, Form Automation: Turning Your Checklists Into Databases, 222 Zaps to Crush Your Current Process Automation, SEO Checklist: The Keyword Research Process, Social Media Influencer Outreach Checklist, Accepting, Formatting, Editing and Publishing a Guest Post, What our content creation workflow looked like when we had a small team, What our scaled up content creation workflow looks like now, How you can build a content creation workflow like ours, The Process Street templates you can use to structure your new workflows, The email text which was sent to subscribers. VAT GB365462636. To finish off, I’ll leave you with these extra templates in case you want to turn any of these into part of your own content creation workflow: 1. One of the simplest ways to improve your approach is to implement a documented content creation workflow. If you want to read more of our work on automation, check out these posts: To finish off, I’ll leave you with these extra templates in case you want to turn any of these into part of your own content creation workflow: You know how we do our content creation workflow! Informa UK Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 1072954 whose registered office is 5 Howick Place, London, SW1P 1WG. If the task definitions are left vague, prepare to hear things like “I didn’t know I had to do that” or “That’s not my job” or “I thought Peter was taking care of that.”. This zap below is the one which updates the Airtable record with the final post information once the editor completes the checklist inside Process Street to confirm that the article has been successfully published. In GatherContent, workflow makes the status of your content crystal clear. With a workflow for content production on a website project, of course you start with a brief and move through production and review and then to publish. Finishing the publishing process doesn’t just update Airtable. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used). This site uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience possible. When checked, this task notifies the editor. The next step is to find a good keyword for the article and then to hash out a structure or basic plan. Rob is a journalism graduate, ex-BBC audience researcher, and former head of content and project manager at a branding and design agency. The promotion team are automatically handed their next tasks to circulate the article, reach out to individuals or companies mentioned in the article, and enter the article into their tracking systems. Tools for defining and communicating about your workflows can be basic or sophisticated. A happy post-production workflow. Editor’s note: Want to get your content production on a formal track? If you’d like to read that, then you should check out this article when you’ve finished: Airtable vs Trello: The Best of Task and Project Management. Changing the status automatically runs a checklist inside Process Street and posts a link to that checklist in the checklist-url field of the record. This example, which shows each role in a “swimlane,” conveys the progression of tasks across roles (vertically) and over time (horizontally). Process Street was used to shape the content itself and Trello was used to organize the team and provide clarity over what was being worked on, by whom, and what the progress was. The new workflow has given us the consistency to keep breaking those numbers. As with any content documents, such as content inventories and style guides, the workflow should be a living document. Creating content across all the channels and touchpoints your customers interact with your brand is becoming ever more complex. Compliance with certain policies or legal requirements? This person may be a project manager, a content strategist, or a marketer. One of the problems with the above flow is that you don’t have an accurate searchable database of all your previous material. By selecting "Accept & Continue" you are consenting to the use of this technology. Designed for all content, customized for you. The designer then creates the first iterations of the header image while the writer is working on their draft. They use Relayter to create their omnichannel marketing content and materials. #contentstrategy, The 7 Core Roles of a 2020 Content Marketing Team, An Easy-to-Apply Framework to Build Your (New or Mature) Content Marketing Team, 5 Steps to Run Effective Large-Scale Content Projects, Fix These Big Inefficiencies in Your Content Pipeline, As in any process, the stages of #content production follow a logical, repeatable order, says @RobertMills via @cmicontent. How to Document Your Content Marketing Workflow, 5 Brands Share Their Content Marketing Process, When defining #workflow, use terms your team uses, says @RobertMills via @cmicontent. If it saves 10 minutes, it’s paid off in 12 weeks. This is why a clear workflow can help teams keep projects on track. This is the hidden piece of a ruthlessly efficient content creation process. Assuming you’ve been efficiently managing your production with production workflow software and working with a capable assistant editor, half the battle for your film post production will already be won.. But several considerations are relevant to all projects. DAVID SCHWEER January 9, 2020. There are a bunch of advantages, but let me just quickly summarize some of them for you: We’ve basically covered all the detail of how to build this workflow in the above sections. This brings us to the content team organization aspect of any good content creation workflow. You can do this in any way your team finds helpful. Lots of data is being transferred throughout the process and the work is being done automatically. The Workflow Station connects to your computer with the included USB-C … No one post can provide all relevant tools in the space. It’s not a blame game buy rather a way to identify issues that need to be addressed to keep the content (and project) moving. Here are the core elements of an effective content production process. But now you know who is doing what; when they need to do it is the next requirement. The process doesn’t run itself. ), and anything else they need to know. Copyright © 2021 Informa PLC Identify what each role does (the tasks). The workflow also helps the project manager recognize bottlenecks so they can take measures to keep content moving toward production. Examples: After you have identified the roles for a given workflow, identify the tasks (“create a draft” or “approve a draft” for example), assign each task to a role, and put the tasks in order of completion. Podcast Publishing Checklist 8. Once you’ve selected your Base and Table, you will see all the available fields for a record in that Table show up as options for you in Zapier. I will recommend this to the team of our platform, to know what they think, because we are beginning to scale up. Some content management systems enable teams to build the workflow into the system itself so that the responsible party gets notified when it’s their turn. Whoever said workflows can’t be fun? The 2020 curriculum includes six courses from CMI’s chief strategy advisor Robert Rose and over 50 hours of ancillary content from top industry leaders. This is further enhanced by a set of tools that helps maintain consistency of the manuscript, automates mundane tasks, … This meant that the author didn’t have to jump between apps to make anything happen. There have been a number of different approaches to supporting workflow processes in content management systems. This is the use of organizational tools to improve the substance, optimization, and presentation of your content. Together, DigiCore and MPSTrak deliver the power you need for … Content Production Workflow. You’ve covered who, what, and when. If it saves each writer 30 minutes per post and you publish 3 posts a week, then a 6 hour time investment is paid back to the team after 4 weeks. This means, for example, I could search on Airtable for all the articles I published last year in the category Processes. There will still be bottlenecks and there will still be some buck passing. There is significant value which can be unearthed through an effective content strategy. Once the final header image has been decided upon and is stored in the checklist, it passes back over to the writer. The Kingston Workflow Station is tailored to content creators who are finishing up production and need to offload files. This ties that particular checklist to the original record and allows our zap to pull the record ID from the checklist to search for it in Airtable. It may look complex to build these automations with Zapier, but you just need an afternoon and suddenly you’re in control and running all kinds of tasks while you sleep. It takes all the important information and enters it automatically into a searchable database. Some tools enable teams to see at a glance what phase of the workflow a piece of content is in. Love it! Here’s what defining a content workflow enables your team to do: A defined content workflow tells people in all roles where the content is in the process when their turn comes, and it clarifies what they must do to deliver what’s needed when it’s needed. Once you have the hang of this kind of zap you can start building out more complex ones. Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute. Perhaps a lot of content is waiting for John from the legal department to approve it. This time, it’s an additional Search step between the Trigger and the Action. A creative briefis usually a one-page document that outlines the content goals, messages, format, design, and expected ROI. The last task the writer is faced with in the checklist is called Submit for Review. Identify and stick to a content workflow. Someone else added the wigs. Content Production Workflow. Experiment to see which tools best support your team. With an automated workflow, teams can ensure that everything gets created and signed off on in time. Until he does it, the content can’t be passed on to the next stage of the workflow, which is proofreading by the editor. From here, the checklist covers the pre-publish process and does so with a hell of a lot of detail. Let’s say you’ve defined your content workflow. It has managed content and workflows for mobile app creation, magazine production, marketing materials, print production, corporate collateral and sales enablement. Simple. A team may have separate workflows for certain clients or types of projects. This means that all records which contain blog-post in the Type field will show up in this view. Scale that up to a website with dozens or hundreds of pages, and it becomes evident how time-consuming content is. If you’ve put a hidden field into your Process Street template then you should be able to move over the Record ID from the Airtable record into that specific checklist which the automation runs. If you have a digital storyboard and clear shot list, managing the edit is a whole heap easier. “ASAP” isn’t a deadline. Products. This is like choosing the parent database. We were able to do that by getting the author to put all the important post details into form fields within the pre-publish checklist; when the last task of the checklist was clicked a zap copied all of that information into an Airtable record. Creating content – blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts – creates an opportunity for you to connect with your audience and to engage with a new audience. Content Workflow and Production. Workflow is the operational aspect of a work procedure through which we can define the following aspects How tasks are structured Who performs the tasks What their relative order is How they are synchronized How information flows to support the tasks How tasks are being tracked. In each task card you can add comments or upload files, even add subtasks. We now have a fully searchable database of every piece of content we’ve ever done, or has ever been done about us. It launches the content promotion team’s checklist. TruEdit is for all content creators. Then Airtable released a Kanban view and we realized we didn’t really need Trello after all. For example, in GatherContent (my employer), each phase of the workflow may be assigned a color for a visual overview. Content Production Workflow. Once you’re building it you’ll find it becomes clear very quickly. In general, t… When we plan our sprints we will go through the post-ideas view in Airtable and assign dates to ideas we want to use that month. Living in Sevilla in the south of Spain, my current hobby is learning Spanish! You can edit it to add new tasks or you could add extra detail inside tasks to more rigorously enforce a style-guide. This was an awesome 1000-foot view! Marcia Riefer Johnston tells the story of how this workflow came to be: I was part of a team that was having a devil of a time getting clear about the Q-and-A part of our workflow. Everyday we work with agencies and their clients, or in house teams, who are trying to produce content for their new websites. Check out this article from a few years ago. This effort alone doesn’t protect you from pitfalls. Streamline creation and collaboration that delivers efficiency and better creativity. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As such, you can build robust systems which are still simple and intuitive. First define workflows for each content type or client: Then, assign someone to oversee each content project, tracking the progress through the workflow. It can also record the performance of that article over time. For example, a workflow for an online content creation project might look something like this: Then, in the Edit Options section of the Action, you choose which Airtable Base you want to use. Thanks Asha! It may seem like a simple task to produce a creative brief, but things get a little tricky in getting people to actually fill out their creative briefs. Each record has about 50 different fields. Voice and tone? When creating content, it’s easy to think you should just make it and publish it. To achieve these goals we have to transform the way that content is produced, and a new Content Production Workflow group has been established in the pan-BBC Design and Engineering division. Then define each task in as much detail as needed to minimize time spent on avoidable edits, queries, and general confusion. Thanks! This made it easy to move things around understand which tasks were priority items. This way it’s easier for team to see where they are and what action is needed to achieve the goals and targets. So I would build a blog writing process template and then every time I write a blog post I run the checklist and follow it. You then choose data pulled in from Slack and select to enter it into the relevant fields by using the little insert buttons on the right hand side of each field. If you have any further questions about the specifics of our system or setting it up, then feel free to shoot them at me here in the comments and I’d be more than willing to answer them for you. A typical content workflow includes tasks like these: When documented, a workflow often takes a visual form showing the progression of tasks. The blog pre-publish acts as the content creation section of the workflow. Use the discount code FRIEND200 for a $200 discount on access to the courses for an entire year when you register by April 30.

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